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Located in the plush and serene environment of lavington, Zarnash gym sets out to offer a combination of high standard fitness training; ultra modern world-class techno gym facilities and personalised customer care while creating a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of modern living. Zarnash Gym was set up in the last quarter of 2002 and has operated successfully and with increasing presence up to date. The management has indeed overseen a facility designed to encourage fitness enthusiasts, uplift spirits and entice many from their sedentary lifestyles. Combining a quiet location away from the central business district, ample parking and apart from any apartment building, Zarnash is indeed one of its kind.

Our determination to offer superior service is underlined by the quality of our staff; highly trained, intelligent and articulate while maintaining a polite demeanour, we at Zarnash are determined to offer our clientele a kind of quality service yet unmatched in this industry. Our prices are indeed the most competitive in the industry for the kind of services on offer. The Zarnash team would like to hear from you; with more than 300 members and another 30 to 50 clients visiting and trying our facilities and hospitality on a daily basis, we know that your search for a fitness home will find an answer with your visit to this Gym.

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